1. How to Warm Up Your Brain in the Morning for Focus and Productivity

How do you wake up in the morning fresh and ready to go?

Based on my research, here are the main findings:

The Night Before

  1. No alcohol the night before
  2. Exercised the day before
  3. No blue light within 1 hour of bed
  4. Natural melatonin production ritual the night before
    1. Track the sunlight
    2. Use candles
    3. Relax deeply
      1. Breathing techniques
      2. Enjoyable non-fiction
      3. Analog interaciton
      4. Talking with people
  5. Write out to-do list
    1. Just 3 things for tomorrow
    2. Benjamin Hardy, PhD video: _____ (really good)

The Morning Of

  1. Journal for 15 minutes
    1. Gratitude
    2. Dreams
    3. Ideas
    4. Daily plan review (wrote the night before)
  2. Get 15 minutes of sunlight and walking outside
  3. Low-intensity run or cardio for neurogenisis
    1. Just 2 mile run
    2. Or easy cardio
    3. Book: d