Gut issues

For years, I've had gut issues which are now nearly gone. Here's what I changed recently, going on ~40 days straight now: - 0 added sugars in food (so no dessert at all currently ) - 0 alcohol (I barely drank anyhow) - 0 bread or gluten, even homemade sourdough - No eating 2-4hrs before bed - The volume of food I eat in a single meal is much smaller (maybe less digestive load?) - Tons of walking, I'm finding any excuse to walk these days - Stress slightly lower (not much sadly ) Seems quite restrictive, but I also unrestricted: - Calorie / macro counting, as long as a meal is protein forward and comprised of whole foods, I can eat unlimited amounts of it - Coffee. My coffee intake has probably doubled, which is unusual for me but everyone's gotta have a vice Aside from gut issues dropping to nearly zero, which is a HUGE lift on daily enjoyment of life, I'm also down ~12lb over the 40 days Curious if anyone else w/ these issues has experienced similar?